The Children Channel is an interactive, cool, always up-to-date channel and is among the most popular and admired channels by children and parents in Israel.
The channel target audiences are children between the ages of 6-12.
The Channel is reachable through cables and satellite and receives, by far, the largest viewers rating for channels of its kind.

The channel is very famous for its hosts, who all become local celebrities, and who focus on enriching the children’s world of knowledge along with endless hours of entertainment, fun and excitement.

The Channel is successful in providing children the essence of an “open house” where they are encouraged to visit throughout the day, respond to shows, attend the set, answer quizzes, talk to their favorite hosts and interactively play games on air.
The channel is obligated to supply children with the leading programs from the best production houses in the world, along side numerous in-house productions of special formats, dramas and shows that the channel distributes worldwide.